Acropolis Cosmote 5g Athens Stage 502 1

Rally Acropolis in 5G Speed

Gold Event Award 2021

WRC EKO Rally Acropolis is a legendary race, taking place since 1951. Due to the nature of the race, with a mix of rough, twisty, fast mountain stages and coupled with blistering heat and choking dust, the Acropolis Rally is one of the toughest on the European and World Rally circuits.

What a great idea, to build on the positioning as the first mobile network to offer 5G speed, by offering an experience of extreme speed! 

Three lucky COSMOTE customers, from a pool of 10 thousand, were selected through an online contest, and had the chance to get this thrill from becoming co-drivers alongside the best Greek WRC driver, Lambros Athanasoulas! Great excitement, pleasure, adrenaline: now, that is a lifetime experience!