Our way of
approaching life
and the way
we create experiences
is an invitation to trust your sensory system; to pause and embrace your physical reaction to the stimuli and then, proceed to cognition.

Our heart is the first organ to form in the womb;

it begins to beat around 22 days after conception. Shortly after, the fetus is able to sense and respond to its mother's emotions, creating a unique bond between the two. Research has shown that maternal emotions can have an impact on fetal development and overall well-being.
This means that the very first connection we form in this interconnected world is based on energy. The energy we name “emotions”.
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Our emotions serve as a powerful inner compass, signaling what's important to us and what actions we should take.

In modern society, there is often a focus on rationality and logical thinking, which, when influenced by bias and past experiences, can lead to ignoring or suppressing emotions and, as a result, missing out on valuable insights.
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It is important that, after this process, we save a moment for pause, a space to control our emotions and filter out distractions.

This pause allows for clearer thoughts to emerge and for emotional understanding to take the lead over cognitive analysis.
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Then, it’s time to switch on every brain cell of our heads and logically analyze the available data, evaluate each situation and make well-informed, well-balanced decisions.

By embracing the philosophy of Feel. Then Think, we strive to create experiences that transcend physical stimulation and cognitive analysis. Let us capture the essence of your emotions and bring them to life at your event.

What our team
feels and thinks

"Feel Then Think" is an absolute -yet simple, description of The Way Things Are (and should be).

To put it simply, our first connection in this interconnected world, our first bond beyond the physical, is that which is formed through pure energy or, in other words, emotions. And what we further deduce is that this energy, these emotions, affect the structure and development of matter - in this case, our organs including our thinking brain.

To put it in a fun (but not funny) way:
⁃ we are designed to FEEL first
⁃ emotions (energy) create / affect matter The Heart is the first organ to form in the womb, not the brain which is developed much later on. Shortly after the heart is developed, the foetus starts feeling the exact same emotions with those of its mother. What is more, the quality of emotions (negative or positive) of the mother, which is felt by the foetus, dictates the negative or positive development of the rest of the organs, including the thinking brain. After we are born, we start losing this genuinely natural gift of simply feeling, simply experiencing through our senses and through our hearts. Parents, school, society teach us how to think and they involuntarily (or not) impose to us their way of thinking, while we involuntarily adopt their biases, beliefs and attitudes. The latter form OUR EGO namely the lenses through which we filter things and based on these judgements and biases we then feel. In way, our feelings are not genuine, they are not ours, they reflect our upbringing, our societal norms, what our teachers thought was right and wrong. From where I stand, these judgements, this imposed mindset is, more often than not, excess weight that we unnecessarily carry in this journey that we call “life”.

When I say “Feel. Then Think”, it is exactly this understanding and knowingness that arises. To form a primal, pure and strong bond from heart to heart, beyond “my” biases, perceptions, belief system and existing mindset. To form a bond that “hits home”; a bond of spontaneous joy, openness, fearlessness and trust - what a rock-solid, indestructible basis for working together, a basis of GREAT ENERGY that can only create GREAT MATTER, i.e. RESULTS!
Feel. And don't look around for confirmation or rejection before you reflect, before you form your own opinion. Look within yourself and say "yes this feels like my choice" or "no, this doesn't work for me". Biases can only distract you. Reason can only support you, not motivate or inspire you. And….yes! Rely on logic but before that, allow yourself to feel and trust your gut to build your life, no matter how small or bigger your decisions and everyday choices. Live the life you deserve, not less. This is feel then think for me.
In this modern world full of energy, enthusiasm and speed, people are used to thinking, running and doing things at the same time. We just want you to take a moment to feel your need and then it will be much easier to think how can you fulfill it.
Driven by emotions!
Feel. Then Think. allows you to feel what you want without thinking about it, to dream without having anything stopping you. Then, you think about how to make your dream come true.
Some times we ignore our senses, trapped in personal preoccupations, interpretations, opinions, and forget to feel the "here and now". When we trust our senses, we can silence our preconceptions and think clearly.
Feel. Then Think. for me means to put your energy into understanding what the client wants to experience from an event so that you manage to offer it to them.
For me, Feel. Then Think. works as a mantra that shows me that getting in touch with emotion is the first step before we do any thinking, which in the process will evolve into action, because only then we can really be sure that we are true to what we are doing.
For me Feel. Then Think. is the way we work at Amuse. We chase the perfect aftertaste, because that's what makes an event successful and memorable.
Feel. Only then will you be able to think clearly. Think. Because you have no limits. Take action. Cause you're unstoppable. Feel, then think and then watch yourself do the impossible.
Turning feelings into thinking Turning thinking into doing
Our aim is to make emotion a reality.
Thinking is life and feeling is the food of thought.
It's all about setting yourself free!