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Launch Event of X1 & iX1

Event Production, Creative Direction, Set Design

The new generation of the BMW X1 made a powerful debut at an exclusive two-day BMW festival in Greece. With its striking design, innovative technologies, and expressive character, it redefines luxury in the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment.

The festival, held at Anassa, celebrated the harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature. Guests embarked on an immersive journey through an experiential park, experiencing BMW’s commitment to sustainability firsthand.

The festival featured a dedicated kids’ area, a themed “Charging” station offering refreshing smoothies, and numerous performers that set the celebrating tone. The highlight was the captivating unveiling of the new BMW X1 models through a mesmerizing aerial dance performance.

The festival showcased the brand’s dedication to creativity, innovation, and environmental responsibility. It left a lasting impact on attendees, highlighting the competitive advantages of the BMW X1 while providing a memorable and inspiring experience.

“We don’t create sustainability. We make BMW sustainable.” mentions Mr Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of BMW AG. This is the brand’s vision on sustainability and our team was committed to this at every single step of the process.