Experiential Communication

Experiential Communication

Promoting goods and services has never been more challenging. There are more channels available than ever, and they have to convey the same attributes building on one brand personality. We design experiences as part of the story and lifetime of a brand, helping it grow holistically. 

We have a reputation of being artists when it comes to content creation and engineers when it comes to project management. 

We design campaigns that exceed consumers’ expectations. We challenge the status quo in communication, bringing fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, redefining beliefs and practices.

Our Experiential Communication Services Include:

Conceptual Promotions

Sales Empowerment

Roadshow Campaigns

Return on Experience Measurement

Experiential Training Campaigns

Detailing & Engineering

Street Promotions

Campaign Site Coordination

Guerilla Campaigns

Installation & Dismantle Service Supervision

Logistics & Storage

Crowd Handling

Staff Training