Tips for a successful roadshow

Roadshows in Greece can be a lead magnet. Not only do you have the ability to connect with thousands of potential clients, but you can also generate interest and brand awareness in your companies and products. Here are a few tips for a successful roadshow:

  1. Choose the location of your booth wisely

Some brands make the mistake of not really paying attention to the location of their booth at the roadshow event. Many times, you will see there are different halls and booth layout patterns. A good idea is to speak to roadshow promotors and the organizers of the event to make sure the location of your booth will get a lot of foot traffic. Understanding how people will flow through the halls, where they will eat and how they will shop can go a long way in ensuring you attract a lot of people to your booth.

  1. Get trained presenters and sales people

Instead of asking your most experienced engineer or your executives to speak to roadshow attendees, invest in experienced sales people and presenters. Make sure they are trained and have the right product knowledge and let them take the stage and captivate people.

  1. Hire professional roadshow marketers

Roadshow marketing is a specialized skillset. Everything from social media to mobile marketing and print campaigns can be used to boost your chances of success. Experienced roadshow marketers will also be able to advise you on how to nurture the leads that you generate at these events so that you can follow up with anyone who showed interest in what you have to offer.

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