How To Make Your Product Launch A Roaring Success in Greece


A product launch is not about the product! Research has shown that nowadays, 60% of people’s willingness to buy from or recommend a company is driven by their perceptions of the company; and only 40% results from their perception of the company’s products.

Your business and product cannot prosper without attention. Attract the right attention, however, and you enjoy your business, product and brand rising to new heights.


Marketing has evolved from being all about the product or service, to being customer-centric. By creating an experience that doesn’t just draw attention, but nurtures an emotional connection with your prospects that motivates them to take specific actions. This type of experiential engagement is good for your business, as much as it is good for your prospects and consumers.

For your product introduction to be a roaring success, it needs to expose the essence of the brand that makes your brand unique. Sharing the story behind your brand in an enthralling way helps to grow enduring brand-consumer connections.


A key to your product launch process is to design experiential events that enable a connection that relates profoundly to who you are and what your brand promises:

  • Be imaginative and resourceful. Go all-out to deliver something ingenious to make sure it’s memorable.
  • Appeal to all five senses maximum experiential impact with the public.
  • Ensure experiential media with the use technology. Encourage pictures, #hashtags, status updates. Morph your prospects to promoters! Delighted customers become your product ambassadors, PR allies, and lead-generation resources.
  • Provide instant gratification. With only a few seconds to grab their attention, it is important that your campaign is concise, to the point, clear, and interactive.

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