Seven Steps To Planning A Successful Corporate Event

Surprise and delight your attendees

When people hear that you are hosting a corporate meeting, do they groan and roll their eyes? Or do they anticipate an extraordinary experience that will excite, motivate, unite, and inspire them? Does your corporate event planning surprise and delight your attendees?

Corporate event organisers know that regardless of size, the events are meticulously planned long in advance – from the initial budget stages right down to the final minute and beyond. A lot of stress is caused when we underestimate how vital the planning stage of an experiential event is.

To help alleviate your stress, and avoid common corporate meeting mistakes, here is a basic guide for how to plan a function:

  1. Regardless of what the event is for, come up with a theme. This can be as elaborate or as subtle as you like. Having a theme simply helps keep you focused for all other aspects of planning.
  2. Set an approximate budget. Allocate estimates to each different aspect of the event such as food, lodging, hall rental, and entertainment.
  3. Choose venues and vendors. Other than the space for your event, you may need food, furniture and audio-visual equipment. Get a selection of quotes so that you have different options to balance against one another.
  4. Decide the menu with your caterer. Include options for every dietary requirement that may be in attendance — vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halaal.
  5. Send out invitations. This sets the tone for the corporate meeting event whether sent by post or by email.
  6. Create a master to-do list including the deadlines for each of the tasks. Note who has been delegated what tasks, and follow up to ensure that everyone is taking responsibility for his assigned duties.
  7. Designate an event runner who will do everything that needs to be done on the day of the event. You may need more than one even runner if the event is large.

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