Wild Roses

A wedding in Astypalaia

For our dear couple Minas & Sofia, the island of Astypalaia was love at first sight!

Their journey began in Astypalaia where they took their first vacation as a couple. So when Minas proposed it was a shared decision as for the location of the wedding. Amuse Bespoke was instantly chosen, due to its reputation for its production methods.

The Wedding Day Tale:

Once the special date was chosen, we began planning the rustic-chic style wedding, while adding some bohemian notes to the theme. Invitations where sent out to guests coming from every corner of Greece and other parts of the world. During their stay, an entertainment schedule was planned for the small number of guests, which included a beach day, a boat trip and a dinner party at a traditional tavern.

The décor was chosen to seamlessly blend in with the rocky elements and earthy shades of the island. The clear blue sky and brilliant sunset added natural colourings to the boho vibe. Wild dusty-pink roses, local herbs, sugarbush protea in combination with Mediterranean style carpets and custom-made furniture became focal points of the decoration.

Our attention to detail and production expertise ensured that everyone had an unforgettable time.

As for Minas & Sofia, their dream wedding came true!