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BASF Press Conference

Blockchain is gaining momentum in the production and manufacturing industry. But when we talk about blockchain in the complex cotton supply chain things become challenging.

BASF’s original «Seed 2 Sew» initiative includes the creation of a blockchain platform so as to follow the cotton’s trip from the field to the retail. Greece is the largest cotton producing country in Europe. Yet, the producers did not have access to applications, infrastructure and technology to trace all the stages of cotton production beyond gin and fabric.

We shared this great news during a two-day experience in Komotini and Alexandroupoli, cities in Northern Greece, where cotton production is located. The starting point was the official presentation of the «Seed 2 Sew» initiative. The very next day, we set up an outdoor fashion show in the cotton field where the yarn for the fabric used in the clothing was derived. 14 models presented 45 garments inspired by Greek antiquity in their shapes, colors and patterns.

20 sustainable fashion designers mainly from Germany and Great Britain, partners and other stakeholders, attended the initiative and praised sustainable fashion.

“Farming. The biggest job on Earth.” Is BASF’s motto on sustainable agriculture. We believe that we should keep a note of that.