Cycle Meeting 2023: WE ACCELERATE

MSD Annual Conference 23

Event Production, Corporate Social Responsibility Activities, Creative Direction, Set Design

MSD is one of the world’s largest global biopharmaceutical companies with a mission to make a difference in global health and a history spanning more than 125 years. These seasoned professionals form a team that features a complete skillset and every means to achieve its targets; the only thing missing was to start accelerating.

The team at MSD Greece gathered in Alexandroupolis, but it wasn’t just for their annual conference. In addition to reviewing the past year’s work and setting future goals, they added something special to the agenda.

Their additional activities were rooted in their collective interests – the environment, animal welfare, education, and supporting those who require additional attention. Through a diverse range of initiatives, their actions had a noticeable impact on the town. The town of Alexandroupolis witnessed their collective efforts, signifying a step up in their activities and their engagement with the community.