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Kotsovolos Samsung VR Experience – Get Into It

Kotsovolos wanted to create buzz for its new store opening in Patras to attract customers on opening day and to share digitally on their Youtube channel.

Hosted by TV personality, Savvas Poumpouras, we organized an immersive experience with the help of Samsung VR technology. Participants wore VR headsets and experienced a virtual tour of the store which led to the interior of a refrigerator. During the viewing, the promotional team constructed a “fridge” setting around the participant. When instructed to take off the headset, the participants were taken from a virtual to real view of the fridge, surrounded by fruits and vegetables. A Samsung S7 was placed next to them where they received a call to pick one of the items in the fridge. The items correspond to a prize where Savvas reveals the winner.

The interactive experience was filmed and uploaded on social media, creating a buzz for the Kotsovolos Patras store. In addition, the store increased its traffic by 42%!