“PPC Meets Art” Exhibition

Set Design, Awards Ceremony

PPC, the energy company, sparked a creative connection with citizens through an open art competition. Artists from various disciplines were invited to draw inspiration from PPC’s logo and its symbolism of energy, light, modernization, and development. The aim was to showcase new talent and strengthen the relationship between art and technology.

Thirty-two exceptional artworks were carefully selected and exhibited at the historic PPC Plant in Neo Faliro. Amuse took charge of every aspect, from planning the awards ceremony to curating and organizing the projects with meticulous attention to detail.

The challenge for us was to create the environment that would showcase the artists’ creations in the most powerful, experiential and interactive way.
We created a ”canvas” for the artists’ works that projected each work individually in a prominent but unobtrusive way.

Visitors immersed themselves in interactive installations, experiencing a captivating dark environment enhanced by mesmerizing audiovisual stimuli.

The exhibition celebrated the profound impact of PPC on our lives and economy, while emphasizing its commitment to arts and creating a civilized and green environment, thus fostering a deeper connection between PPC and the community it serves.