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Desmond Child Rocks The Parthenon

Music is a universal language that has the power to pass and spread messages.

Based on this principle, the famous American composer – producer of great successes and a huge fan of Greece, Desmond Child, took the initiative and trusted Amuse to organize a big concert at the Herodion for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures.

And thousands of people who filled the Herodion responded to his invitation.

Photo 2022 06 28 02 32 42

Some came to support the purpose of the evening and others to see and hear live the guest artists, all collaborators, from time to time, of Desmond Child but very different from each other in terms of their musical background.

Because obviously there are great musical differences between Alice Cooper and Bonnie Tyler and Sakis Rouvas and George Lembesi, Rita Wilson and The Rasmus, Lena Hall, Kip Winger, Chris Willis, Tabitha Fair, Justin Benlolo and Andreas Carlsson.

Hence the audience was equally of different backgrounds. Desmond Child has written many amazing songs, but in different styles that have been performed by different artists, from Kiss, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Ricky Martin, Katy Perry to Sakis Rouvas, Lena Hall, Chris Willis, Tabitha Fair, Justin Benlolo and Andreas Carlsson.