Cycle Meeting 2024: WE

MSD Annual Conference 24

Event Production, Corporate Social Responsibility Activities, Creative Direction, Set Design

MSD is one of the world’s largest global biopharmaceutical companies with a mission to make a difference in global health and a history spanning more than 125 years. These seasoned professionals form a team that features a complete skillset and every means to achieve its targets; this year’s focus was the importance of teamwork, so we found the right way to make them feel more united than ever.

The MSD Greece team’s gathering in Nafplio wasn’t limited to their usual annual conference agenda. Beyond reviewing their yearly achievements and setting new objectives, they enriched their schedule with activities reflecting their shared values—environmental conservation, animal protection, educational support, and aid for those needing extra assistance.

Their diverse initiatives left a significant positive footprint on the Nafplio community, showcasing an elevated level of commitment and interaction with local issues.