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Annual Conference 2022

Event Production, Creative Direction, Set Design, Filming

Every year Germanos organizes the annual conference of its store network for all regions of Greece, 270 stores in total. The year of 2021 the event was held digitally!

Amuse played a pivotal role in the event, providing technical support, video production, and creative design. The conference adopted a dynamic “READY FOR TOMORROW” theme, featuring a rhombus-shaped set, LED walls, and captivating visuals. Despite being held remotely, the conference fostered a celebratory atmosphere and engaged participants through live links and interactive elements. The challenge of conveying immediacy and celebration in a digital format was successfully overcome. Amuse’s team of 80 professionals managed the entire project, ensuring a seamless experience.

The event strengthened the Germanos brand, honored employees and partners, and informed guests about the company’s successful course. With resilience, technology, and collective effort, Germanos demonstrated its readiness for the future. The conference left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to embrace new opportunities and infinite possibilities for development. Through the power of technology and collaboration, every day becomes a chance for growth and advancement. Together, we are “READY FOR TOMORROW.”

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