Press Conference of IPTO

As one of the largest projects in recent years, the electrical connection between Crete and Attica would help Crete end its “electrical isolation” and decrease the islands’ CO 2 emissions by 500,000 tons in its first year. To announce this launch, IPTO asked to organize a press conference, which would introduce the start of this project.

This would be the first phygital press conference after the pandemic, as new restrictive measures had to be implemented for the first time.


In addition to directing the flow of the entire event, the Amuse team created the branding materials including logo, slogan, and video content that was displayed at the conference.
We also created a moderated chat for journalists to publish their questions using a special access code.

The press conference was attended by important personalities, such as the President of IPTO, the Regional Governor of Crete, as well as the political leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. 70 guests were in attendance physically, while 300 journalists and 4 guest speakers joined remotely. In total there were 6,500 viewers.