Planning a Corporate Conference Abroad – 10 Reasons Why Greece Will be a Good Choice

Getting away from the usual hustle and bustle and jetting off to an international destination is certain to appeal to you. If you’re looking for the perfect destination to host your corporate conference abroad, Greece should be on the top of your list of options. If you’ve ever travelled to Greece or watched a travel documentary on the area, you will know that this Mediterranean destination is the land of fine olive oil, delectable seafood dishes, feta cheese and white little houses dotting the gorgeous coastline. While these are all very good reasons to fall in love with Greece, they’re not even the tip of the iceberg. In fact, we have detailed our top 10 reasons why Greece is a good choice for your next conference abroad, below:

  • Greece is easy to get to. Most international airports will offer flights to and from Greece on a daily basis. If your delegates are travelling from Europe, they can also take the ferry, luxury cruise liner, buses and similar.
  • It’s easy and fairly cheap to get around Greece. Most areas in Greece are serviced by metro transport services. You and your delegates will be able to get around with relative ease.
  • Your corporate conference delegates will be safe! Greece has the lowest crime rate in Europe and second lowest crime rate in the world.
  • Mediterranean climate. Greece enjoys over 250 days of sunny weather! You won’t have to worry about your conference delegates being inconvenienced by the weather.
  • Enjoy delicious Greek cuisine. Travelling to a new or foreign country has its risks, when it comes to food. Greek cuisine is already widely known on a global scale. Your conference delegates are sure to enjoy the delicious menus offered by the local restaurants.
  • There are many conference venues to choose from. In fact, conference centres are set up all over Greece and are familiar with hosting conferences, symposiums, congresses, team building events, exhibitions and much more. You can quite simply take your pick according to the size group you have. Some meeting spaces date back as far is 5th Century BC.
  • Something to do between meetings. Greece has a great deal to offer its visitors with 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many more archaeological museums than any other global destination. Conference delegates can explore alone or set up a tour with a dedicated guide. Must-see attractions include the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum that houses the Mask of Agamemnon.
  • Luxury accommodation at an affordable price. There are many top hotels to choose from in Greece. All of these hotels are ideally located for easy access and offer a variety of world-class facilities. Your stay in Greece will certainly be a comfortable one.
  • Get a bargain! It’s become part of the Greek way to make bargains available to tourist and business groups. Being able to host a conference abroad and save on costs is a big draw card for the area.
  • The airport is located just 15 miles from the city centre which means that on arrival, there is no need to wait for hours / travel for hours to get to your hotel or conference venue. Luckily, everything is fairly close in Greece.

Plan a Corporate Conference in Greece

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